Things to Do in San Clemente, California

There are many things to do in San Clemente, California, a beautiful little seaside community on the Gulf of Mexico. San Clemente is also well known for its popular beach and surfing cities, including San Onofre, San Clemente Beach, and T-Stri, which are all on the Pacific Coast. Running along the shore, the Beach Trail provides breathtaking ocean views and beautiful sandy beaches.

Beware The Things To Do In San Clemente Scam

A few blocks north of San Onofre Park at Avenida Vista Hermosa lies the first authentic Mexican restaurant in Orange County: Avenida Vista Hermosa, which means “Villa on the North Beach.” This is the home of Avenida Hermosa Mexican Food, which features authentic, delicious Mexican dishes prepared in the home-style restaurant. The original atmosphere of this restaurant is that it serves authentic, traditional Mexican cuisine. Everything from tacos to burritos can be savored here.

Further north in downtown San clemente at Alameda Street is Avenida Pacific, a beautiful, open air market featuring fresh produce, Mexican gift products, herbs and spices, and locally made goods. This market offers weekly specials and a wide variety of seasonal fare. Freshly caught seafood, organic produce, local jewelry, and locally baked bread are just some of the offerings. Avenida Pacific is one of the most popular markets in Orange County with many tourists and locals making it their regular shopping destination.

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