The Basics of Pest Control

Pests are organisms that harm people, property or crops. They can carry diseases or spoil food. They can also damage buildings or cause fires. Pest control aims to reduce the number of pests and the harm they do. There are three basic strategies: prevention, suppression and eradication.

What is pest called?

Preventing pest problems is the best strategy. This includes keeping the house clean, storing food in sealed containers, and disposing of garbage regularly. It’s also important to keep plants healthy.

911 Exterminators provides hiding places for pests and makes it hard for you to notice when they’re there. Remove debris piles, tuck away loose branches and hoses, and don’t leave empty pots or boxes around. Regularly inspect the exterior of your home for cracks and crevices that pests could enter through. Use caulk to seal these spaces. And routinely check that roof shingles and siding are still in place, and that there’s no exposed wire or plumbing.

Then there are non-chemical methods to manage pests, such as using baits (rodents) or traps (insects). These can be used with less risk if you’re careful and follow the instructions and safety warnings.

Biological pest control involves introducing the pest’s natural enemies into the environment. This requires thorough research into the biology of the pest and its potential natural enemies, to ensure that any introduced species will thrive in the new environment and not disrupt other ecosystems. Once suitable natural enemies are found, they must be carefully studied and tested, then collected and released in the target area, with attention to proper timing in the enemy and pest life cycles.


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