Sound Absorbent Panels

Sound Absorbent Panel are made of thin flexible film-like plastic laminated with cotton but more durable than foam or felt. They are used in many areas of speech therapy, such as audiology and speech pathology, or in the treatment of hearing disorders such as tinnitus, due to their ability to absorb sound. Sound Absorbent Panels are also effective in reducing background noise and therefore are used for home cinema rooms, conference rooms, and living rooms. Sound Absorbent Panels can also be used as perimeter dividers and as window panes, because they are quite lightweight and have a very tight seal. Panels are usually available in several heights, depending on the required usage, and the thickness of the material is measured in cubic centimeters.

Sound Absorbent Panels – What Are They?

Acoustic Panels control reverberation and echo in a room, thus preventing sound from escaping. The most commonly used to solve speech privacy issues in public soundproofing applications. The most expensive of all Panels are built using a thick paper-based acoustic material, filled with polymer and then covered with fiberglass. They are often used for large spaces, such as auditoriums and conference rooms, where sound can travel through multiple floors.

There are many types of absorbent panels, including: paper, polypropylene, acrylic, sponge, foam, or textile-based materials. Acoustic and reflective absorbent Panels are usually laminated with high-tech plastic to increase their durability, rigidity, and reliability. Panels that consist of multiple layers of absorbent material to work best in small spaces. Panels can be printed with logos, graphics, and text.

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