Solar As a Service Ireland

solar as a service ireland

Solar as a service ireland  is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to save on energy costs and become more sustainable. It is an environmentally friendly option that does not produce any harmful emissions and helps to reduce carbon taxes. Additionally, it can help businesses reduce their dependency on fossil fuels and become more resilient to electricity price fluctuations and supply disruptions.

Despite Ireland’s relatively low electricity production capacity, there is significant potential to increase solar generation in the country. According to a UCC study, one million homes in Ireland have roof space and orientation suitable for a solar photovoltaic (PV) system capable of generating about 10 kW of electricity per home. If fully exploited, this could meet 8% of Ireland’s renewable energy target and cut each household’s electricity bills by around EUR450 per year.

Evaluating the Cost of Solar Panels in Ireland: Budgeting for Renewable Energy

The electricity generated by solar panels is DC power, which needs to be converted to AC (alternating current) to be used. The conversion is carried out by an inverter. Once converted, the electricity can flow directly to electric loads and/or power meters or to the grid. Alternatively, micro inverters can be fitted to each panel to control the amount of electricity that is produced and to maximize energy efficiency.

Investing in the solar industry can have economic benefits for a country, including job creation and economic growth. The renewable energy industry creates more jobs than the traditional energy sector, adding more than 9.8 million in the US alone in 2016. Moreover, it contributes to reducing global carbon emissions and combating climate change.

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