Sancon Conveyors

Sancon Conveyors was originally designed and built to manage the conveyor belts used for the transportation of materials such as coal, grain, cement and sand in the construction industry. The company that initially developed the Sancon Conveyors, Ferrers & Engineers Limited was so successful in their venture into the industry they decided to take it to another level and set up another Conveyor Company, this time in Perth Australia. The name of the company is Sancon Corporation and the main goal of the company is to build high quality Conveyor Systems. Sancon has since become a world leader in Conveyor systems and is now considered one of the best in the industry.

How to Know About Sancon Conveyors

sancon conveyors

Sancon is an acronym for vibrating motor combination and is one of the most reliable and cost effective conveyor systems in the world. Sancon Conveyors have been successfully used in many permanent installations such as mining, mineral deposits, timber milling, concrete manufacturing and other heavy industries. Other main industries the Sanki Conveyors have been successfully used in our Consulting Engineers, Brick Works, Refineries and Chemical plants, Water Treatment & Waste Management, Oil Refineries and Power Generation. The Conveyor Belt systems are made from high quality galvanized steel and are very strong and durable. The main reason for the high quality and strength of these conveyor belts is because they are designed and built by the world’s greatest industrial designers. They have spent extensive amounts of time and money to research, develop and manufacture a system that will last for many years.

Sancon is the leading conveyor manufacturer in the world and has been in the conveyor equipment market for many years and this success is a direct result of the fact that they provide clients with a high quality product at affordable prices. Sancon is also one of the largest manufacturers of belt conveyor products in Australia with a wide range of products including: Belt Triggers, Belt Drives, Fluid Pumping and Rolled Concrete Flotation Systems. Sancon also has a comprehensive after-sales service program and many years experience in installing, repairing and maintaining all types of conveyor equipment. Sancon also offers a complete after-sale service for any type of Sancon Conveyor that you may have bought. With Sancon, your problems are covered – guaranteed!

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