Received a missed call from number

If you receive a 01653 604433 and don’t pick it up, your contact will hear a voice announcement informing them of why they couldn’t reach you like Busy or Not available. If this doesn’t resolve the issue the call will be marked as “Missed”.

Missed calls aren’t only a nuisance for customers; they also hurt businesses and make them lose potential opportunities. This is because when a customer calls a business and their call goes unanswered, they might not call back or they may never get in touch with the company again.

Missed Call from a Strange Number: Should You Call Back

It’s not always easy to answer every call, especially when you’re in a meeting, on a date or sitting in the quiet carriage of a train. If you don’t have the time or privacy to talk, it’s best to send a short text message apologizing and saying you will call them back shortly.

However, you should be aware that this type of call can be a scam to obtain personal information from people who call them back (e.g credit card details).

Generally, you should not call back if the caller ID shows a familiar local area code but has a slight variation in the rest of the number – this is a common sign of a fraudulent scammer. To find out more about caller ID spoofing and how to prevent it, visit our article on How to spot caller ID spoofing.

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