Organize Your Life With a Storage Basket

storage basket

With their slender silhouettes, simple shapes and earthy texture, storage basket are a go-to for optimizing organization in the home. Whether you want to organize supplies for a hobby, stash extra throw blankets in the living room or simply corral books and magazines on an open shelf, there’s a woven container that will work.

Baskets are versatile and durable, ranging from small, handheld containers to oversized ones designed for sitting on the floor or a desk. Many have lids, but those that don’t can be easily wiped down for easy cleaning. And while the basic basket shape can be slender, some have rounded or squared corners for a more elegant appearance.

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Some woven containers have elaborate patterns, such as a plaiting technique wherein the weft passes over and under one warp at a time. Others have a simpler style, such as a checker weave, where the weft passes over and under several warps at once. Still other designs have a more sculptural quality, such as leather silhouettes and cloth around wooden frames.

In the kitchen, a large wicker storage basket can hold cookbooks and other kitchen essentials. A pretty woven basket in the entryway can hold hats, scarves and mittens or be used to hold library books and other daily necessities. And in the bathroom, a container can conceal toilet paper and tissues on a counter or tuck away extra bath towels and soaps in a closet. For a more portable solution, consider a stackable bin with handles that can travel from room to room, stashing cleaning products and tucking away spare linens.

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