Old Ga Flag For Sale

Our old ga flag for sale is perfect to fly in your home or business and show your Georgia state pride. It is made from a strong polyester fabric that will resist the wear and tear of outdoor weather conditions. The printing is done with a high-quality digital dye process, ensuring long-lasting colors. It is finished with a heavy canvas header and brass grommets to meet the most demanding commercial or residential uses. It makes a wonderful gift for friends or family members who live in the Peach State.

The state flag of Georgia is a traditional design that was first adopted in 1956 and was replaced in 2001. The current state flag consists of three stripes, two red and one white, with a blue canton that contains a circle of 13 stars surrounding the coat of arms. The 13 stars are a reminder of Georgia’s place as one of the original 13 colonies.

Preserving History: Old Georgia Flag for Sale and Its Cultural Value

The Georgia state seal is a symbol of the government of the state and it has a golden emblem representing the Constitution. The pillars of the coat of arms stand for the principles of the Constitution, and the man underneath the arch represents Georgia’s willingness to defend the Constitution. The coat of arms is topped by a sword, which symbolizes Georgia’s military strength and its desire to protect its citizens and territory. The inscription under the coat of arms reads “In God We Trust.” This is the official motto of Georgia.

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