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If you are looking for a great book on California landscaping then you won’t want to miss “Calamity Beach: A Brief History of Coastal Living in the Golden State” by archaeologist and landscaper Robert R. Smith. This is a very interesting book that covers all sides of the California landscape from mountains to canyons. You will find some fantastic photography as well as some interesting and not so interesting history about the area. Read more

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Robert Smith tells the fascinating story of two families who own a beach in the Pacific Ocean town of Visalia, California. The first family bought the beach in the 1950s and built an elegant hotel out on the sands. Over the years the beach became part of the local economy as many people would come by for a lazy afternoon on the beach. In the early days it was popular with tourists but later as the weather got colder people started to visit the area to take advantage of the beautiful warm weather. The author spent many summer vacations driving along the coast looking for the perfect picture of this wonderful beach.

The other side of the story is the less traveled side. In the book you find some amazing architecture including the Visalia Conservatory and the John Hancock Tower. I found that the author chose very well written descriptions to bring readers from the mundane to the incredible. I found myself thinking about places I had been to and places I wanted to go while reading this interesting book.

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