IGCSE Centres

igcse centres

Many GCSE centres are available to home TWINS Education but not all of them cater to this requirement. Although some subjects such as English Lang Spec A and maths may be difficult to find, they are still possible. There are two sittings of the exam each year, but not all of them are accessible to home educators. Cambridge exams are more widely available, but they have fewer exam centres registered. Fortunately, reforms in the GCSE have made the GCSEs more accessible to parents and home educators.

 Are They Available to Home Educators?

Many parents are reluctant to send their children to IGCSE centres due to costs. However, it is worth noting that many schools do conduct the Cambridge IGCSE programme, which is a cheaper alternative to International Schools. Furthermore, smaller homeschools provide a more conducive environment for learning, as the student teacher ratio is low. Generally, IGCSE exams are taken by students on the basis of their understanding of the subjects, rather than the content taught.

Students must take five or six IGCSE subjects. These subjects may include English, science, mathematics, and the humanities. They may also take some STEM subjects, such as computer studies or art. Choosing which subjects to take depends on the student’s interest and future plans. Think about which subjects you’d like to study at university. You may want to consider studying subjects such as English, maths, and a couple of other languages.

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