How to Take Care of Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are created by first grinding a solid concrete slab into irregularly shaped grains, then by finely polishing the concrete using progressively finer diamond-tipped grinding tools. The first few steps are generally called ‘cutting’, and use more aggressive diamond-tipped grinding tools to remove all imperfections from the underlying surface of the concrete. Then all imperfections are sanded away using coarse sandpaper, and the resulting floor is free of imperfections. After the entire floor has been made smooth, it is then painted with an appropriate epoxy coating, and is ready for its first set of customers. To make sure that your polished concrete floors have excellent surface finishes, you should also take the time to give your floor a thorough refinishing.

The Best Way Take Care of Polished Concrete Floors

polished concrete floors

Polished concrete floors must be finished with a clear water-based stain or finish compound. Allowing the polished concrete flooring to dry naturally will ensure a long-lasting finish that is visually striking and very pleasing to the eye. If you do not follow these simple steps, then you may end up with floors that have rough surfaces or streaks, which will only devalue your floor. Follow these basic tips on how to properly complete polished concrete floors, and you will see beautiful results in your home.

One reason why polished concrete floors have become so popular is because of the ease in which they can add style and beauty to any home. They also are known for being environmentally friendly, as they do not use any man-made products to create their surface, which is especially beneficial for areas that are concerned about waste. Polished concrete flooring can be used as-is in industrial flooring systems such as floors used in warehouses, shipping yards, factories, auto manufacturing plants, hospitals, industrial parks, schools, and others. As long as you keep your floor clean, and ensure that it is sealed properly after installation, polished concrete floors can be used for decades to come.

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