How to Prepare Kratom Leaf Tea

kratom leaf tea

The kratom leaf tea of the kratom plant (Mitragyna speciosa) are known to provide many benefits for users. Some of the more well-known effects include sedation, pain relief, energy boosts, and altered states of consciousness. The exact effect of a particular kratom leaf preparation will depend on the dose and how it is used.

The most popular way to take kratom is through the use of tea. Tea is a convenient and versatile method that allows the user to control the amount of alkaloids ingested and the duration of the desired effect. Tea also provides a more consistent experience when compared to other methods of consumption.

From Leaf to Brew: The Art of Making Kratom Leaf Tea

To prepare kratom leaf tea, start by boiling 4-6 cups of water. Add in your preferred amount of kratom powder or leaves, and let simmer for about 15 minutes. Strain the mixture and drink after cooling. To improve the taste of your kratom tea, sweeten it with honey or another sweetener as needed.

It is important to use high quality kratom when making your tea. Reputable kratom sellers will send their products out for independent third-party lab testing to verify the alkaloid content and the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants. In addition, they should have an informative website that describes the strains they sell and the effects they are reputed to produce. Some reputable kratom vendors even offer their customers sample packages so they can try a variety of strains before purchasing large quantities.

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