How to Become a Breath Coach

breath coach

Breath coach is an inspiring coaching system that supports people to realize their dysfunctional breathing habits/behaviors that affect them negatively in every aspect (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and help them learn new breath behaviors/habits.

How it works:

Breathing is the body’s first and most basic autonomic function, influencing mind, body and personal potential from birth. It’s a pillar of health and an essential tool for performance, relaxation, sleep, concentration, creativity, and stress management.

How to Find the Right Breath Coach for You: Tips and Tricks

In this breath coach training you’ll learn Patrick McKeown’s Oxygen Advantage(r) method, a revolutionary breathing technique that can reduce breathlessness, increase oxygen delivery to the brain, improve sleep and concentration, and retain focus under stress. It’s used by elite military special forces, Olympic coaches and athletes, SWAT, high-flying corporate leaders, asthmatics, martial artists, weightlifters, school children and poor sleepers worldwide.

You’ll learn how to coach your students, clients or patients – whatever their needs are – through the power of functional breathing. You will be able to guide your clients to discover newfound health, strength, vitality, creativity, inner peace, and a higher level of wellbeing in their daily lives.

How much you can earn:

If you want to teach others about breathwork and become a breath coach, it is best to get certified through a professional program. There are several breathwork teacher training courses available, but it is important to choose a program that meets your needs and preferences. Choosing the right course will ensure that you enjoy your experience and will be able to help your clients reach their goals.

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