Grease For Sealed Bearings

grease for sealed bearings

















Proper grease for sealed bearings is essential to protect the bearings and reduce wear. The consistency of grease varies from semi-fluid to solid and may be as hard as wood. This fluctuation is caused by the bearing turning, which causes the grease to shear and change its consistency. To determine grease consistency, a penetrometer is used, which drops a cone of varying weight onto a grease sample. The cone’s depth of penetration is the measure of the grease’s consistency. The National Lubricating Grease Institute provides a standard grease consistency grade.

Reduces Heat From Friction

Generally, grease is composed of base oil and a thickener (usually polyurea or lithium). In addition to the base oil, some greases contain additives such as anti-oxidants, rust inhibitors, and anti-foaming agents. Most grease will deteriorate at some point. There are four main causes of grease deterioration. Mechanical working, evaporation, and temperature are some of the causes. The Non Soap Based Grease has higher heat resistance and a longer lifespan than traditional greases.

Proper lubrication is essential to protect sealed bearings and reduce wear. It also reduces heat from friction. Different types of grease require different types of lubricants. Some types of grease require extreme-pressure lubricants while others don’t. When in doubt, consult with a lubrication supplier for a proper choice. You can find both types of grease online or at a hardware store.

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