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e cars

With a growing number of electric e cars on sale, it’s easier than ever to go green. Depending on the battery size and where you live, you can qualify for a one-off purchase incentive or even a free lease on a new electric vehicle. e cars are quieter, more responsive and have superior energy conversion efficiency that helps to cut carbon emissions and pollution, particularly from power generation.

EV Cars: The Future of Transportation

But it’s still a work-in-progress when it comes to EV charging infrastructure. A sprinkling of plug-in hybrids and all-electric SUVs are helping to drive up adoption, while the latest long-range models can now comfortably cover a week’s worth of driving without needing to stop for a top-up or to worry about range anxiety.

EVs tend to cost more than mainstream models, which may put off buyers. But luxury EVs offer the best of both worlds, with cutting-edge tech and sports-car acceleration along with spacious and comfortable interiors.

The Porsche Taycan was CAR’s electric car of the year in 2022, and a few updates have further solidified its position at the top of the pack. With a staggeringly impressive 422 miles on a charge, plus the added ability to boost the maximum output to a frankly ludicrous 1093bhp in the Turbo GT model, this is one of our favourite vehicles on sale right now.

Skoda’s first bespoke all-electric offering, the Enyaq, is a great family car with space and comfort, plus a redesigned battery that expands its range to 348 miles. It’s quicker to charge too thanks to a more powerful motor and the addition of faster charging.

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