Forklift Training

Forklift training can be performed in several ways. Companies that wish to offer this service can contact their local trade and vocational schools or talk to the manufacturer of the trucks. However, if an employer does not wish to provide this training, there are many resources that can help. OSHA’s eTool can be used to search for the appropriate training course. These courses are designed to provide a basic understanding of forklift operation and the principles of safe operation.

Why Need Forklift Training

Online forklift training is an excellent option, as it allows you to train all of your employees at the same time. For example, you can purchase a kit for 20 operators, which includes everything that an operator needs to know. You can also order a kit for other employees, such as non-operators. These kits include certificates and authorization cards for the workers who need the training. A forklift safety training program will include an interactive DVD that will assist you throughout the training process.

Before allowing your employees to operate a forklift, employers must evaluate them for competence. This process may involve hands-on training at a warehouse, which should be conducted by a certified instructor. Additionally, the program should include a review of OSHA regulations and include a review of workplace practices and requirements. A qualified forklift trainer will provide hands-on instruction and ensure that operators are equipped with the skills and knowledge to safely operate the machine.

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