Floor Screeding Near Me

A floor screeding near me is a cementitious material applied to the base of your floor that levels it and makes it ready for flooring materials like tiles or vinyl planks to be laid over. It may be bonded directly to the base, or laid unbonded over a damp proof membrane. It can also be used for underfloor heating systems and is usually made of a mix of 1:3 or 1:4.5 of cement to sharp sand, though this can vary.

There are a number of different types of floor screed available and the type you choose will depend on what you are going to use your space for and your time frame. Heavy duty and industrial screeds are made for maximum strength in environments where traffic is expected to be high, or specific loading of the base floor is required. These typically have a thickness of over 30mm but can be adjusted depending on manufacturer guidelines.

Exploring Your Options: Floor Screeding Near Me

Self-leveling and liquid screeds are made using a latex product and can be poured to as little as 1mm, but still provide a highly resilient surface that is capable of taking a variety of flooring surfaces. They can be poured to a level that is suitable for underfloor heating and are often used in commercial projects where a fast turnaround is required.

Ready mix sand and cement screed mixes are factory prepared for you, saving time on site mixing and offering better consistency of material. They can be delivered to your site in a truck mixer and pumped into place. They are generally easier to work with than site mixed screeds and can be applied quickly, but it is always best to follow the manufacturers guidelines for thickness and drying times.

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