Core Drilling Services

In construction, core drilling services are utilized to make space for the installation of electrical conduits and cables, plumbing piping and HVAC ducts in residential and commercial fit-outs. Using core drilling, contractors can also create openings in concrete walls and floors for manhole taps, strength test holes, and other project considerations.

Hiring the right contractor for core drilling services is essential to help ensure a smooth, safe and accurate project outcome. The right equipment can reduce damage, noise and dust, and a professional should have the experience necessary to perform a variety of different types of drilling projects.

A key benefit of choosing a core drill is that it provides more precise results than other construction drilling methods, such as hammer drilling. The precision of core drilling can save time, money and prevent costly errors. This is especially important for projects with a tight timeline or in sensitive locations like hospitals, schools and other public spaces.

Expert Solutions: Core Drilling Services Demystified

Core drilling produces less vibration and noise than hammer drilling, so it is an ideal choice for projects that require minimal disturbance to a building or structure. Additionally, the core barrel collects a sample of the concrete, so it is possible to determine the quality and strength of the original in-place material.

Choosing the right electric or gasoline core drill depends on the location and type of project. The optimum model will have the power capacity needed to properly turn a wet core bit without chatter, wandering or seizing. These factors directly affect sample quality.

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