Cladding Sprayers

Cladding sprayers is a great way to protect your property’s exterior against the weather, especially with the increasingly harsh weather conditions in the UK. It helps to prevent rust on metal features, warping of timber and flaking of paint. It also gives a fresh and modern look to your building and extends the lifespan of your cladding.

Before painting the cladding, it is usually pre-treated with high pressure jet wash to remove any loose or flaking surfaces. A cladding primer is then sprayed over which will help to give the best results when spraying the colour of your choice. This will protect the surface from any corrosion and help the coating to stick. Masking is then applied to the areas not being sprayed as well as any adjoining surfaces to catch any overspray.

Precision Application: Understanding the Benefits of Cladding Sprayers

The process of cladding spraying is quick, less expensive than replacing, and can be completed on-site. The paint used during the process is formulated to be highly durable and resistant to damage, giving your building a newer and fresher look. Cladding spraying is also an eco-friendly option as it extends the lifespan of your cladding, decreasing the need for replacement and reducing waste.

Our team has the experience to complete a range of on-site spraying services from aluminum window painting to commercial cladding spraying. We use Rustoleum Noxyde and Alkythane cladding paint coatings which offer anti-corrosion properties as well as water proofing. The coatings are highly durable and offer elasticity to avoid cracking or peeling.

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