Choosing Wheel Casters

Set caster are wheels that are mounted on the bottom of carts and material handling equipment. They provide a smooth, safe way to move products, and improve workplace efficiency. Casters come in a variety of materials, including steel, plastic, and polyurethane. They are designed to withstand specific temperatures and chemical exposure. They can also be coated to improve durability and protection.

Will caster cause death wobble?

When choosing casters for your applications, it’s important to choose the right size, bearings, and material. A caster with a larger wheel diameter will be able to carry a higher load. Dual wheel casters are also a good choice. They are better suited for heavy loads, and they’re a great choice for carts that will be close to the ground.

A swivel caster allows the wheel to roll in any direction. These casters are often used on shopping carts, and they’re ideal for moving loads in tight spaces. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right caster for your needs.

The material of the wheel will affect its durability and noise levels. Harder materials, such as steel, are less likely to damage floors. Softer materials, such as polyolefin, are easier to roll. They’re also resistant to shock, and they don’t mark floors. They’re also good for light industrial applications.

Some casters come with a brake option, allowing the unit to be secured after moving. They’re available with either a friction or stainless steel cam.

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