Choosing the Right Phone Validation API

Phone verification is a critical element of an organization’s strategy to reduce fraud, increase the connection rate of calls, and protect against incoming spam. Using phone verification to verify the legitimacy of a phone number can help businesses stay in compliance, boost marketing efforts, and improve customer satisfaction.

Besides protecting your brand, a phone verification solution can also save your company money. Phone validators can automatically limit calling times, identify time zones, and provide relevant details about a phone number. You can even use a phone validation solution to verify the correct type of carrier and location.

The most common reasons why companies use a phone verification solution include fraud prevention, improving a brand’s image, and staying in compliance. Having a valid phone number can help you plan perfect cold calling schedules and SMS campaigns.

When it comes to choosing the best phone number validation API, there are a variety of options. Some provide free trials, while others require payment. Selecting the right one depends on your budget and needs.

If you want to validate numbers from all over the world, choose a service that supports countries. IPQS, for example, offers a phone validation API that can handle over 15 data points.

Veriphone, meanwhile, is a real-time phone validation API that allows you to verify phone numbers from any country, region, or time zone. It’s a trusted partner that can help your business achieve success.

Loqate is another real-time phone validation solution that can help you get accurate results, no matter where you are. This service works by analyzing telco data and external datasets to ensure that you have the best possible accuracy and coverage.

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