Sour Space Candy Features Enlivened Calm, cerebral cannabis potency

Sour Space candy is a superb high CBD strain developed by the award winning hemp seed and breeding business of Oregon CBD. It is a sativa dominant cross of both powerful hemp Indigos varieties and the legendary early resin berry. It is a full bodied, high energy cross of three incredibly sweet strains. Sweet Tunes, Sour Space and Spacegranate are the three strains used in production. Each of these strains has it’s own physical, mental and spiritual differences but when blended together this unique concoction is released into a sweet assortment of high energy candy.

How to choose the best Sour Space Candy Features Enlivened Calm

Sweet Tunes is a super-charged hybrid with lots of uplifting, American heritage notes like fresh berry and cranberry, uplifting Mexican flavours including resiny peppers and an amazing aroma which bring back old-school reefer nostalgia. The entire suite space candy blend is full bodied and energized using only premium grade cannabis. This strain is cross bred with the Indonesian Sativa Lantau and the French Champagne. What makes sour space candy so unique is it’s enlivened calm and smooth Colorado floral aroma which will put your mind at ease while giving you a head rush with it’s unique blend of high CBD cannabis.

Sweet Tunes has it’s very own unique terpene profile which is a very important factor for any great sativa strain, terpenes or hybrids. Terpenes are natural mood enhancers and mood lifters. Terpenes add that extra special something to sweet space candy, bringing out the “flowers” in people, which is what Sour Space is. It’s terpene rich aroma and it’s amazing cerebral quality. It’s the cross of three incredibly sweet strains to create this awesome offering.