Careers at a Web Development Agency

Your company’s website is its face to the world. A well-developed, user-friendly website that performs on all devices is a must for any business looking to grow and thrive in the modern digital world. A web development agency in uk specializes in building websites that showcase what makes your brand stand out from the competition and provide a seamless user experience.

How hard is web development?

A web development agency is responsible for all the coding that goes into making a website work. This is split into two sections – front-end programming and back-end development. The front-end programmers are in charge of displaying the designs explained by the designers, while the back-end developers manage data and communicate with databases. Web development agencies have teams of experienced and knowledgeable coders that can build a website from the ground up. They can also help improve an existing website, and may have other IT services as well, such as server management and hosting.

There are many career paths for web developers, depending on the size of an organisation and its needs. Typically, progression within an agency happens over time, with senior developers leading client meetings and taking on more important projects. A few years later, you might become a technical lead or head of development, where you’ll have less coding work but will be in charge of managing and developing a team.

Cognizant engineers modern businesses, helping clients to innovate and remain competitive in today’s fast-changing digital landscape. They offer a diverse global network of experts, who are focused on innovation, AI and software engineering, cloud, and digital transformation. They are also committed to the community and have created initiatives like Code First: Girls, Women in Tech, Rails Girls and GeekGirl Meetup.

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