Advantages of a MUGA Sports Pitch

muga sports pitch

A MUGA sports pitch  is a multi-use games area that allows you to play a range of different sporting activities all in one place. MUGA pitches have become an increasingly popular choice for schools, sports clubs and community centres. This is because they offer a number of advantages that other types of surfacing cannot offer.

The most obvious advantage of a MUGA sports pitch is that it is an all-weather surface, meaning it can be used by teams and players all year round. MUGA pitches are typically free draining and therefore are not prone to waterlogging. This means that they can be used even in wet weather, unlike grass which would flood and become hazardous and muddy.

Counting the Score: Understanding the Costs of MUGA Construction

MUGA pitches can be constructed from various different materials depending on the sport and usage. Type 1 MUGA pitches are usually made from synthetic grass with sand infill, this is a good option for hockey and can also be used for basketball, netball and recreational football.

2G sand-dressed or sand-filled pitches are ideal for sports that require a lot of body contact such as rugby and hockey. They can also be used for tennis, football and netball. 3G MUGA pitches are harder wearing and use a combination of sand and rubber infill, they are more suitable for football and rugby and can be topped with a polymeric coating for additional grip and shock absorbency.

Porous macadam is a less common MUGA surfacing material, but it offers excellent durability for frequent recreational use. It is suitable for a wide range of sports and is a cost effective alternative to natural turf surfaces.

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