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Soccer — or football as it’s more commonly known in the United States — is a game in which two teams of 11 players, each with a goalkeeper, compete to maneuver the ball into the opposing team’s goal. The game may be played on either a grass or artificial surface, and the ball must be kicked with the foot or hand. Players are prohibited from handling the ball with hands and arms and are not allowed to enter the penalty area unless attempting to score a goal.

Top Transfer Rumors: Who’s Moving Where This Summer

NFL teams wrapped up mandatory minicamps this week leading into about a month-long break before the start of a grueling season that could last seven months for teams that make the Super Bowl. New York Jets running back Breece Hall believes he is returning to his old self and is eager to test himself against Christian McCaffrey in Week 1. Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert says new OC Kellen Moore will be more tight-end-friendly than some he has worked with before.

EURO 2024 delivered more drama on Monday as Italy stunned Croatia in the final Group B match of the day, and Gareth Southgate faces a tough test to get England out of their slump. Plus, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi reaches the top of the all-time goalscorers list.