Relationship Tips – How to Keep Your Relationship Fires Stoked

A healthy relationship requires a lot of effort, especially when life pulls you in different directions. To get the most from yours, you need to keep feeding it the right things. We talked to people in happy, fulfilling, long-term relationships (spanning 20 to 64 years!) about the strategies they use to keep their fires stoked and their bonds strong.URL

Work on your communication skills. This is a top priority for almost all couples, especially early on, but even if you have been together for a while it’s important to keep working at it. Make a conscious effort to listen when your partner talks and to express your own feelings openly, both positively and negatively. It’s also helpful to find a way of communicating that works for you, such as daily walks, sharing a hobby or having regular phone chats during the day to settle any family business.

The Power of Quality Time: Strengthen Your Relationship with These Tips

Avoid comparing. This is one of the biggest killers of relationships, Ray says. If you notice yourself comparing your partner to others, you need to examine why that’s happening and take steps to stop it.

Be open to change. It’s inevitable that over time, you and your partner will go through changes — both positive and negative. Being flexible to these changes will allow you to grow together instead of against each other.

Have a discussion about your future goals and aspirations. This will help you see that you both have the same vision for the relationship and it can strengthen your bond.