Bullfrog Swim Spa Review

Founded in Salt Lake City, Bullfrog Swim Spa is a relative newcomer to the swim spa market but has quickly made an impact. The company engineers reliable modern hot tubs and uses cutting-edge technology to create unique experiences for their customers. They offer a variety of spa models and layouts for every taste, lifestyle and budget. From the premium A Series with distinguished custom options and features to the quality R and value focused X series, Bullfrog has something for everyone.

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Unlike many other hot tub manufacturers, Bullfrog uses only high-efficiency, low-maintenance pumps and components. They use the latest in water sanitation and filtration systems, making it easy to maintain clean and clear water that feels soft on your skin. Their patented EnduraFrame and shell structure are built to last, with warranties ranging from ten years all the way down to three years on smaller components like audio and the ozone system.

Their patented JetPak Therapy System offers customizable massages for the whole body. With 17 different JetPaks to choose from, you can easily move them between seats whenever you want and upgrade your experience at any time. They also have the incredibly advanced Clear Comfort System that creates fresh, healthy and soft-feeling water with drinking-water chlorine levels for easier cleaning.

Bullfrog Swim Spa is a multi-functional, fun and aesthetically pleasing pool that upgrades your backyard experience. They combine stunning design, the one-of-a-kind Swim Spa JetPak Therapy System, and legendary Bullfrog reliability to deliver an incredible experience that can’t be matched.